Friday, November 20, 2009

TAC - Ranga Murata Exhibit, Yamato

The Tokyo Anime Center had started up its next big exhibit, this time for illustrator Range Murata. The poster reads "Range Murata Original Works Exhibition". You may recognize his illustrations from the art books "Robot" and "Futurhythm". He also did the game design for the "Spy Fiction" PS2 game, and contributed an anime piece to "The Animatrix" (The Second Renaissance).

You can find the full photo album here.

The exhibit didn't stay up all that long. A couple of days after I took these pictures, it had been replaced by crap from Pixar's various films, with the emphasis on promoting "Up". I guess that Pixar had the deeper pockets. Either way, in terms of the materials available to put on display, the Pixar exhibit is one of the most boring that the TAC has hosted so far (some toys from Toy Story and the other films, and a handful of printed sheets from "Up").

Funny enough, about a week or so after TAC ran the "Up" display, they took that down to make room for the new Space Battleship Yamoto DVD promo display. See photos below. The full album is here.


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