Monday, November 2, 2009

Ultra Jump

Ultra Jump magazine celebrated it's 10th anniversary on the weekend of Oct. 31 in part by setting up an exhibit on the 4th floor of the UDX building and then holding a stamp rally. The exhibit contained covers of the magazine, artwork from some of the manga titles (Steel Ball Run, Hayate x Blade, Gunnm, Tenjho Tenge) and a couple display cases of figures and toys. There were staff members all over the place, and none of the visitors dared to break out a phone camera, even though there weren't any "no camera" signs.

(Steel Ball Run and Needless)

Right around 1 PM, Shizuru Hayashiya arrived to sign copies of her Hayate x Blade DVD and manga. I really wish I could have used the camera then, because she had this nice 1970's era punk hair style, bleached, long on one side, and with little diamonds shaved on the other. She also looked fairly young, for having been born in '68. There were about 20-30 people lined up for the signing.

(Hayate x Blade and Peace Maker)

Then there was the stamp rally. I'd mentioned this kind of activity before, I think, for the Akiba Green Festival. The idea is that various participating shops around Akihabara have little tables set up with rubber stamps on them and displays advertising the Ultra Jump anniversary. About 20 shops with 16 unique stamps. You only need to get 4 stamps on the collector's sheet and then bring it back to the UDX. For this particular rally, the prize was a set of 6 Ultra Jump post cards (which were taken from the artwork in the exhibit). Not really sure if the rally benefited the participating shops or not, since people wanted to get the post cards quickly, before supplies ran out. Understandable, because they're nice cards. But the stamp chasers weren't sticking around to buy anything at the shops.

(Tenjho Tenge and Ninku)

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