Monday, December 21, 2009

Birth of a Million Seller, Part 3

When I put together the sections describing the 10 main shojo magazine illustrators, I wanted to include the covers of the magazines they appeared in as they were mentioned, and I couldn't come up with anything that made sense. Instead, I decided to do it this way, as an addendum to the Birth of a Million Seller thread (mainly because these images all came from the BoMS exhibit book). In any case, the below covers are for magazines that either ran illustrations along with serialized novels, or were tied more directly to manga itself (i.e. - Tokyo Puck, Ehagaki Sekai and Shonen Kurabu), and were (or will be) mentioned as part of the History of Manga series. All images are used here for review purposes only. Click on the image to get a better view of it.

Early Shojo no Tomo (Girl's Friend) cover, 1914, pre-Jun'ichi Nakahara.

Shojo Sekai (Girl's World), 1908.

Shojo Kurabu (Girl's Club), plus sample page, 1923.

Marumaru Chimbun, an early all-manga magazine.

Tokyo Puck, 1905, Rakuten Kitazawa's all-manga magazine.

Sample page from Tokyo Puck, 1905.

Osaka Puck, 1909.

Shonen Kurabu (Boy's Club), 1914, along with a sample page from Norakuro, 1931.

Shojo Gahou (Girl's Illustrated Magazine), 1912.

Reijo Kai (Mademoiselle Kingdom, 1922.

Kodomo no Kuni (Children's Country), 1925.

Sample page from Kodomo no Kuni, 1925.

Kinder Book, 1934.

Kodansha Kurabu (Kodansha Club), 1911.

Hi no De (Sunrise), 1932, first issue.

Fujin Gahou (Ladies' Pictorial Magazine), 1905.

Fujo Kai (World of Women), 1910.

Egaki Sekai (World of Picture Postcards), 1907, an all-manga postcard book.

Akai Tori (Red Bird), 1918.

Fujin Kurabu (Ladies' Club), 1920.

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