Thursday, January 14, 2010

nengajo, 2010

Last year, I wrote about "nengajo". These are the post cards that people send friends, family and acquaintances right around New Year's Day. If you have enough friends, this can represent 200 cards, and a full weekend worth of writing. Many people lately have taken to printing the cards up using a Word mailing list macro, but there's still the process of checking the addresses and possibly signing the cards. The cards will have the appropriate animal from the Chinese zodiac and a short message wishing the recipient a healthy and successful new year. (2010 is the Year of the Tiger.)

I only received 1 card this year (again). But, it's from the good people at Ekura Animal, so I'm happy. Their main character is Kyaramaru, although here he's dressed up as "Tora-maru" (Tiger-maru).

Next is not a card that I received personally, but Tori Miki has a general-purpose nengajo picture on his blog that I think is very cute.

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