Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Texas Burger

McDonald's has a new "America-style" burger campaign going on in Japan now. Most foreigners living here that have blogs have probably uploaded photos by now. There are 4 separate "for-a-limited-time-only" flavors being released, spread out between now and March. The Texas burger already hit the stores, with the New York, California and Hawaii burgers lined up in the wings. Let's just say that these things wouldn't last long in the U.S., and it'd be nice if the Japanese didn't mistake them for the kinds of foods we normally eat there. At a minimum, the Hawaii burger should have pineapple, not hard-boiled egg.

(Burger in a wrapper.)

The Texas burger has three buns. Between the top two are a few pieces of bacon and a "spicy BBQ" sauce (think the mildest sweet BBQ sauce you know of and add a little black pepper flavor. Between the bottom two is a standard dry Micky-D patty, a slice of cheese on the bottom, and some pickle relish. The write up on the place mat says that this combination results in a "wild flavor". Be funny to see what would happen if they used REAL Texas BBQ sauce...

You can see here that the ad photo looks nothing like the real thing. Kind of a waste of $5 for just the burger alone. Yeah, I'm lovin' it....

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