Monday, January 18, 2010

Shin Kenger Christmas Boot

This is a little late, but, in Japan, Christmas is a great excuse to give presents to children; however, the religious element is pretty much absent. For the most part, it's a time for couples to be romantic together. The big spiritual holiday is New Years, as everyone spends the last few days leading up to the end of the year cleaning up the office and house in preparation for starting the next year over from scratch.

Which brings me to my Christmas boot. These commercially-themed snack packs are aimed at kids, and are generally tied to various TV shows, like Pokemon, Disney's Stitch, and this one - Shin Kenger. It was available at Jason's discount groceries shop 2 days after Christmas, marked down to 499 yen with tax (about $6 USD). Unfortunately, Jason's has a tendency to bait-and-switch, because when I got to the register, it was at the full price of 799 yen, and the clerk's response was the standard, "ok, that's the price for the OTHER stuff in the box, this one's not marked down". Rather than argue, I just paid the money and brought it home.

(The sticker - front)

As shown above, it's basically a handful of snack crackers, lemonade (ramune) candies, and air-filled cookies. Separately, everything would probably go for $4, so you're really paying to have a cardboard boot. As for the Shin Kenger theme - that's also just on the boot (technically, there's one Shin Kenger wafer cookie with a character sticker, and the plastic belt clip attached to the boot).

(The sticker - back, revealing that there's actually 2 stickers here.)

It's not worth the money unless you can get it at a severe post-Christmas markdown. But your kids will love you for it. (I'm lying.)

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