Friday, February 5, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures, 3

This is an ad for CalorieMate, a packed-powder bar that comes in chocolate, cheese, fruit and potato flavors. The character comes from the manga "Angel Bank", an office drama about a venture capital firm, which runs in Weekly Morning magazine. The dialog says "have this for a last spurt".

At the end of 2009, the Japan Times ran an article on the top entertainers for the year, featuring writers, directors and artists. The main person of interest here is Naoki Urasawa, creator of "Monster", "Pluto" and "Yawara". He was selected for "21st Century Boys". (Takashi Shimizu was selected for directing the movie "The Grudge").

Here, we have a really nice, expensive house in a residential area near Noborito.

Wonder if they ever noticed.

I went to a small local shrine on Jan. 2 to celebrate the new year. Essentially, this is a matter of praying to the god(s) the shrine is dedicated to, possibly buying a good luck charm (either a single white arrow, or a pouch with a 5 yen coin in it) and buying a fortune. If the fortune is good, you take it home with you. If not, then you can dispel the bad luck by tying the fortune to a tree branch. Apparently lots of people had bad fortunes this time.

Even the fox gods can feel the cold.

This shop several various novelty items, such as plush animal paws you can wear over your hands (lower left corner). Featured are the "neko mimi iyahon" - cat ear phones.

Golgo 13 says "Neko mimi iyahon - I like white. What about you?"

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