Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures, 4

Let's start out our next collection of "Pictures from Japan!!!!!" with one of those technological marvels this country is famous for. A while back I wrote about coin operated rice washing machines, which allow you to rinse off the rice you bought from the rice vending machine.

Here we have a coin operated pet shower. I spent 2 hours trying to find where they put the pet vending machines...

This is a small local post office.

And this is one of the tasks that apprentice mail trucks must complete before moving on to the big time.

The town of Hino is about 10 miles from Noborito. It's claim to fame is being the home to one of the leaders of the shinsengumi (the self-proclaimed pro-government force that wanted to expel foreigners during the Meiji revolution period in the late 1850's). Here, we have a shinsengumi rice bowl shop, complete with shinsengumi spy.

Shinjuku Gyoen is a big park about a kilometer east of the Shinjuku train station. When I visited the information center/gift shop a few weeks ago, I discovered this collection of little totoros, made from acorns. The cardboard sign says "please don't take the totoros". The below sheet gives additional suggestions for dressing up acorns.

And finally, we have the true epitome of Japanese culture. In the middle of a residential area, surrounded by apartment complexes, we start out with two coffee/soda/water vending machines on a street corner (the second one is barely visible behind the first). Across the street and down about 100 feet, we have another vending machine selling the same drinks. While 100 feet in the opposite direction we have a convenience store selling the same drinks.

You just can not have too much convenience these days.

The coin operated laundry does not contain a coin operated pet shower. Yet.

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