Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day

On Monday, Tokyo finally got it's first day of snow for the winter. Most people here complain about the "bitter cold", but it's rare for the temps to get down close to freezing during the day. In past years, there has been some snow between January and February, but last year there was only a very light dusting one day and that was it. On average, we've been in the forties since December.

Monday evening, it started coming down heavy, big, fluffy, soggy flakes that turned to slush on hitting the ground. At 11:30 PM, there was about an inch of accumulation on the sidewalks, and the sky was all gray with the flurry. No strong wind, just lots of flakes. By mid-day Tuesday, most of it had melted off the sidewalks and streets, except where it was in the shade, or had been piled up during shoveling. I liked the effect of the snow on the roofs. By Wednesday, it was all pretty much gone. Bye bye, snow... Maybe next year.


Bunny said...

This morning the bucket the noranya's drink from was frozen over again. It's been thicker though.

I walked home in this snow, it was quite funny seeing the usual Tokyo termite moronicisms when white stuff comes from the sky! Drive faster to get home before it gets serious! Cyclists with umbrellas etc.

bartman905 said...

My son was hoping for a snow day from school (like we do in Canada), but he was disappointed :-(

For me, walking home from work to the subway station without an umbrella got me a little soaked!