Saturday, February 20, 2010

Takao Checkpoint

Back a while ago, I wrote about visiting the ruins of Hachioji Castle, a couple of miles away from the main Takao train station. Well, it turns out that at about the same time the castle existed (1500's), there had been a road running through the hills of Takao leading into Tokyo (which I guess would make it easier for people to get to the castle after a night out drinking sake in Shinjuku). And, there was also a checkpoint in those hills to prevent peasants from wandering the country and getting into places they didn't belong unless they had the proper papers. Unfortunately, after 400 or so years, things like check points have a way of disappearing, especially if they had the poor foresight of placing themselves where someone else would want to put up a playground in the 1960's.

Anyway, there's a marker saying "Here be dragons".

No, wait, wrong book. There's a marker saying "here be nothing, but at one time there be checkpoints here".

Right next to it is a sign saying "watch out for the wild boars". Some parts around Tokyo get pit vipers, others get rampaging inoshishi. Cute rampaging inoshishi.

The house here is right across the street from the park.

(Memorial markers)

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