Monday, February 8, 2010

Weird foods found only in Japan, Part 3

Cookie Tart flavored Kitkats
Not quite as tasty as the name would imply. Doesn't really taste like anything other than chocolate and caramel over a crunchy cookie center, which is close to what the original Kitkat is supposed to be. But with a rather unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

Sakura-flavored post cards
Actually, this is a sampler-sized Kitkat package with two cherry-flavored mini bars. The idea is to mail it to someone living in a different part of Japan where this particular flavor isn't available. Which would be a big waste of money. It's $2.50 USD for 2 little mini bars and the cherry flavor is so subtle as to almost undetectable. I did notice a bit of a cherry aftertaste about half a minute after eating the bar, but it's not interesting enough to justify the high price. Includes a flower petal shaped card, if you care.

Milk-coffee flavored Kitkats
Now this one is just downright vile. Take the worst coffee you ever had, add a little cream flavoring, and give it a sharp bitter aftertaste. Yes, tastes a little like coffee. No, I'll never buy this one again.

Hello Kitty Oden
Hello Kitty is used to advertise a wide variety of products, which shouldn't be too surprising since it was originally created as a sticker to be handed out to customers. Here, we have kitty-shaped oden ingredients. Oden is a fish broth soup served in the winter, usually containing fish-paste cakes, a hard boiled egg, Japanese radish (daikon) and konnyaku leaves. Served heated. Tastes as bad as you'd expect a cheap canned soup to taste. Not recommended.

This actually a milk-and-juice drink intended to be frozen and consumed as a slush during the summer. This particular flavor is grape, and it's not too bad. The other flavor is strawberry. Tastes like the basis for a grape sorbet. Jason's is a discount grocery store that seems to be used to dump products that the distributor couldn't unload during the advertised sales campaign. Sherpet originally sold for about 120 yen ($1.50) per bottle during the Summer - Jason's has it for 19 yen, which is why I'm buying it to drink when I'm at work. There's nothing really unusual about the product itself - it's the name. Like Collon, Poccari Sweat and Calpis, the Japanese marketers picked a name that comes across poorly in English. I'm looking for the Sherpet's sister product - Chiapet.

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