Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anime and stuff ads

One thing I haven't really gotten used to in Tokyo is the idea of "localized ads". Apparently, some of the train lines, being privately owned, strike advertising deals such that specific ads only appear in limited locations on certain platforms, and nowhere else. So, as I'm traveling around the city, I suddenly encounter wall posters that I wasn't expecting. Of course, if the ad is anime or manga based, I'll take a photo of it. This one is for hair care products.

Naturally, some of the ads are for the manga or anime that the characters are from. In this case, Oishinbo. I only had a few seconds to shoot this one on the Shinjuku Odakyu line platform before the crowns got in the way. Later, when I had a chance to review the shot, I didn't like the way the glare from the flash obscured two of the faces. So, the next day, on my way to work, I prepared to try photographing the poster again, and it had already been taken down. Some of these posters only stay up for a week, or maybe even less.

Right next to the Oishinbo poster was this one for Keroro Gunso. This one stayed up for a few days longer, but has already been taken down.

Then there are the illuminated posters that can be found in only one or two places in the Akihabara JR station, publicizing current TV anime.

A few days ago, I discovered this shop selling Weis Schwarz and Basara goods on the platform that I always use for taking the Sobu train from Akihabara to Ochanomizu. It's a little farther down the platform than I normally stand, so I didn't know it was there until I randomly walked around while waiting for my train to come in.

The problem with being dragged kicking and screaming into the 19th century is that the software you use keeps getting modified while you're not paying attention to it. I'd been using a copy of Paint Shop Pro that came out about 6-7 years ago. It was nice, easy to use, and I had all the white balance, contrast and tinting auto settings where they produced decent touch-ups to scenes shot with harsh indoor lighting. But now, PSP has been bought up by Corel, and the menu items have been moved around, dropped or turned into something unrecognizable. That, and my menus are now all in Japanese and I don't know what some of the kanji names mean. So, it's gotten much harder to fix up some of these pictures. Sorry about the greenish-hues here.

Side door leading into the Bushi Road shop.

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Mr Alchemy said...

Don't worry about apologizing. The picture quality is fine.

Personally I can't stand being bombarded with advertising wherever I turn and often do my best to graffiti over it any chance I get. That's the main thing that would bother me about living in a Japanese city. They've somehow managed to take the insanity of capitalism and times that by 10, developing a completely out of control culture of commercialism.

If I were to ever live in Japan, it would have to be in a small town, either in the mountains or by the shore.

To be honest, If I started seeing characters from my favourite manga or anime plastered up on giant billboards, I would probably stop buying anything associated with it. For theatrical releases that's different, I can tolerated a limited run of posters here and there, but nowhere near the level Hollywood does it.