Friday, March 26, 2010

BK Foods in Japan

Burger King's line of flavored chips apparently has been available in the U.S. for a while, but I haven't seen them here in Japan until a few days ago when a couple boxes of them were stacked in the local Jason's store to be dumped at about 90 cents a bag. (Yes, Jason's is the place where failed products go to be unloaded before their sell-by date). I picked up the Ketchup and Fries flavor because 1) it was cheap; and 2) that's the one they had there.

I did a search of the net to see if there's a mention of these showing up in Japan before, and discovered two things. First, Japan is not listed from the main index page as one of the countries that's part of the BK international group. And two, BK doesn't mention these chips on either the U.S. or Japan websites. Guess that says a lot about how much they stand behind these products. Anyway, the comments from snack food review sites seem to be largely positive. Personally, I think the chips don't taste like fries, the texture's weird, and the "ketchup" flavor is too sweet and artificially "tomato-y". I don't like them, and certainly wouldn't buy them at full price. (Not that I'm going to buy any more of them at the dump price, either.)

From the back of the bag---

"Of course we're talking about America’s favorite burger: the flame-broiled, made-to-order WHOPPER. Accept no imitations. Because no matter which of the 221,184 different ways you choose to customize it, you can bet you’re getting it your way. That’s what makes a WHOPPER a WHOPPER. Anything less is a massive disappointment."

Right, you're talking about the burger, because the fries are definitely less...

"What's better than ketchup and fries? How about a mystical merge of ketchup, fries and snack chips? You heard us. Only from BK. A flavor that pairs the yin flavor of your favorite BK side with the yang crunch of a chip. Keep on chippin' on."

"a mystical merge"? Didn't anyone proof this copy before releasing it?

I'm lovin' it.


Also pictured above is a bag of chips from the video game Monster Hunter 3. MH3 has been out for a while now, and there've been snack items advertising it before. I decided to pick this one up along with Nodoma Cantabile just to take a photo of it. What I like about this one is that it builds on the video game's concept of mixing items together to create potions. Here, the chips are packaged along with a small packet of radioactive cheese powder (which is glued to the outside back of the bag). You pour the cheese in with the chips, shake the bag, and viola - cheese-flavored Doritos.


This package caught my eye when I was getting the above chips. It's can coffee from UCC. The text is advertising the fact that along with the Black brand, UCC was coming out with the new "the Clear" label. As always, labeling in English on Japanese food products means nothing. "Black" can be either sweetened or unsweetened. For this particular can on the left, there's no sugar and no creamer. The Clear, on the other hand, is basically "Black" plus cream. Meaning it's not actually "clear". It's also unsweetened. Both cans are kind of bitter with none of the notes or more subtle flavors that mark good brewed coffee. Good mainly for trying to wake up in the morning. The idea of this type of packaging was a "buy one get the other free" campaign. Fortunately, at Jason's, it was marked off 40%, so I could have gotten 4 cans for a little more than the full price of one if I'd wanted to.


Mr Alchemy said...

I would recommend you stop going to Jason's if this is the kind of body polluting poison they specialize in.

TSOTE said...

But, Mr. A, the poisons are the only thing holding me together...

Mr Alchemy said...

That should be a song lyric or something.