Friday, March 5, 2010

God I hate MS

I have my new computer.  It's bit of a pain to get accustomed to, especially with the new Japanese keyboard and its tiny spacebar key - I keep trying to enter a space, but accidentally hit the adjacent change to hiragana button instead. But, what I hate the most is that I can no longer paste the blog entries into the blogger text window. Meaning that it looks like I have to hand enter all of the typed up blog entries. I do not believe this, and I don't have time to do anything about it before going to work in a few minutes. I'll trying installing Firefox when I get home tonight. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Bunny said...

That's really weird. What did you get?

I have no such problems on windows.

It did take getting used to the weird layout, but that was many years ago.

You may find that one of those M$ banana keyboards suits you better, they have a larger spacebar.

TSOTE said...

Thanks, Bunny. I'm thinking that if I find a decent keyboard at one of the small shops in Akihabara I'll pick it up for cheap.

The blog entry problems seem to be inherent to Internet Explorer. Everything works fine with Firefox, which I prefer as a browser anyway.

Fujitsu FMV, with i5 Core, 2 Gig RAM, 360 Gig hard drive, multimedia drive (not blu-ray, which I don't want right now anyway), and DVI-I video port (nVidia 240 video card). Needed to get a DVI-I to VGA adapter because I'm still using an older 17" analog flat panel, and the nVidia card was shipped minus the VGA connector. Overall, I like it, except for the stupid stuff that Windows 7 does now (weird implementation of the File Open window, the stuff related to entering blogs on blogger, and the fact that I can't have two adjacent buttons on the task bar for multiple windows of the same application (that is, if I have two Word documents open, I only get one Word button on the task bar and I keep having to click twice to switch between them).