Sunday, March 7, 2010

Le Count

Ok, I'm slowly figuring this new machine out. But, the one deal breaker is probably going to be the tiny little space bar set too far from the Enter key. It's forcing me to use my left thumb for it, which is completely opposite from how I've been typing for all these years. Sigh.

(Ad for a tooth-strengthening supplement called POs-ca. The joke is that Atom was said to have a 100,000 HP engine. Here, it's 100,000 tooth power.)

My status: I have the new PC (a 100,000 HP Fujitsu FMV with a Core i5 (not an Atom) and 2 gig of RAM, running Japanese Win 7) connected to a spare analog 17" monitor I had lying around (I don't want anything larger because I'm limited on desk space). The new machine is working out pretty well so far, except that now I have to find all-new software for it, which is becoming time consuming. I had to switch over to Firefox from IE8 because IE8 was useless for working with my blogger pages (blogspot and media fire). What I need the most right now is a good webpage editor. I might try coffee cup.

(These ads are running in the main Shinjuku JR station right now.)

The old laptop bit the dust. The monitor went mostly dead, and somehow I managed to screw up the boot sector of the hard drive. It was an old PC anyway (at least 6 years) and the drive is a parallel ATA style that, no matter what I do, will not work with any of the hard case adapters I've tried using so far. I did back up the disk 1 month ago, but I've got one month of photos and Garo manga scans trapped on the old drive, plus years of e-mails. The good news is that I still have some of the previous Garo issues so I can rescan them (although the scanning and touch-up are going to represent several days worth of solid work) and re-write the summaries. The bad news is that along with a couple of the missing issues disintegrating when I last scanned them, I really don't feel like doing all of that work over again. We'll have to see how I feel next week.

Anyway, I went out wandering around a while ago in Fuchinobe, which is about 15-20 km west of Noborito in the opposite direction from me from Shinjuku. In the cross-under tunnel near the station, I found this graffiti. I consider it pretty cool.

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