Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mickey's latest

McDonald's is running a 4-part "America Burger" campaign in Japan right now. I'd mentioned the Texas burger right after it came out, but I missed the club sandwich-based New York burger (not that I planned on trying it). The Hawai'ian burger came out on Feb. 19. You'd think that anything with "Hawai'ian" in the name would have pineapple and ham. But, no. It's just a regular patty with a flavorless sweet brown sauce, some shreds of lettuce, two small things colored to look like uncooked bacon, a slice of processed cheese, and a little clump of sliced onion. The white hockey puck is supposed to be some kind of cooked egg. For 495 yen ($5.50 USD), it's overpriced.

Actually, if this thing came out in the U.S., it'd be hit with a truth in advertising lawsuit; looks nothing like the ad.

Interestingly, too, a few days later I went to First Kitchen and just ordered something at random that turned out to be a cheese burger with a cooked egg - almost exactly the same thing as MickeyD's "special promotion", but as part of their regular menu. And, FK gives you the option of adding as much catsup or spicy sauce as you like.

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