Sunday, March 21, 2010

Misc photos 5

Pro Shop Kosugi. Not every bike shop handles all aspects of the work. It's nice to see a place that is designed for both the moto and the cycle. (Asakusa)

I've never seen a feather manufacturer before. I wonder if they're still using plastics, or have switched over to the new ceramics yet. (Fuchinobe)

I worry about the Bad Banana, but it's the tlent show that most concerns me. I've seen tlents before, and they can poke a person's eye out if you're not paying attention. (Fuchinobe)

No just throwing around empty bottles or cans. (Fuchinobe)

Let's take a photo together and chase out the red and blue demons. (Fuchinobe)

City library out in the 'burbs, as part of a shopping and restaurant district attached to the train station.

Love hotels can be found almost everywhere in Tokyo. They're popular largely because many families live in small apartments, often with grandparents and children in the same space, and you can't get intimate with your spouse if everyone else is around. So, you go rent a room for $30-$40 USD per hour. Naturally, of course, couples go there as well. But lately, there've been stories about teenagers renting out rooms just to have a quiet space to do homework. Which bothers parents because of the country's declining birthrate. In any case, you have to admire the choice of names here - New Seeds and Apartment Now.

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