Saturday, March 27, 2010

Misc photos 6

Time for more random photos. The first one's kind of a cliche. When you live in a concrete jungle, photos of reflections off the glass buildings become more common than shots of the homeless. But, every so often, you just have to cave in to the urge to take one more.

People just toss bikes away all the time. But, it's rare to see them accepted in front of a shop as works of art.

I find the staircases of tall buildings to be interesting in their consistent geometry. The question is whether I can capture that sensation with the camera. This one is the back of Sofbank, in Akihabara.

I happened to walk by this truck just outside the Akihabara train station when the decal of Norakuro caught my eye.

Over a recent weekend, Sega had a promo for their Phantasy Star game in the UDX building. Lots of people waiting to get inside when I passed by on my break. But, when I got out of work at 5 PM on Saturday, it was already done with, so I missed whatever stage event they had going on.

Software Industrial has a couple of offices around Akihabara. This one is always shuttered up when I walk by, near the FujiSoft building across the street from Yodobashi Camera.

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