Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nodome Cantabile Campaign

Nodome Cantabile is one of the more popular manga about classical musicians. There's a TV drama running now, and to promote it the Bandai Candy division turned out these flavored puffed corn snacks. It's the "recital tour in Europe flavor". The one on the left is supposed to be potatoes au gratin, but it tastes closer to sweet buttered popcorn. The right one is labeled "weiner gulasch". (The only reason I got them was that Jason's had them discounted to about 30 cents each, and I wanted to photograph the bags.)

In any case, they're offering free graphics for your cell phone. If your phone can handle Japanese text and 2D barcodes (mine can't), go to and follow the barcode. In the downloads page (ダウンロード), enter the password マングース. Let me know what you get. Offer good until August.

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