Saturday, March 20, 2010

TAC - Lupin

The Tokyo Anime Center has started its latest exhibit, this one promoting the new DVD release for the 21st "Lupin TV Special: the Last Job". The exhibit consists of picture cards for each of the Summer movies, character sketches, copies of the color books based on the movies, and one lone Lupin figure. Started around March 16. Will run for about 2 weeks. In Akihabara, on the 4th floor of the UDX building.

The photo screen. Get yer pitcha taken wit da great Lupin!


Mr Alchemy said...

That's pretty cool. I have always thought it would have been nice to have seen more of Lupin when I was growing up. It's strange, but I have this artificial sense of nostalgia towards many old anime which I was never exposed to while growing up.

Am I alone?

TSOTE said...

Nah, many people like the older anime for that reason. (They just don't want to say that out loud...)