Friday, March 12, 2010

This Too Shall Pass, OK Go

Many of you will probably already have seen the following video, but it's worth mentioning here because I think it's really funny. OK Go has a reputation for doing outlandish one-take videos (ref. the treadmill dance routine), so it's not surprising that the latest video for "This Too Shall Pass" is just awesome. But I take offense at this being called the "Rube Goldberg version". No, hands-down this was influenced by Pitagora Switch. It has "Switch Machine" written all over it, especially the way certain devices are set up to take specific amounts of time to trigger. What gets me, though, is that they had to make several stabs at getting everything just right, so how many TVs and pianos did they go through by the end?

Then there's the marching band version that's almost as funny, but doesn't allow for an embedded video link.


Mr Alchemy said...

It makes me sick thinking about the time and effort that goes into these chain reaction set-ups, be it a Rube Goldberg or a Pitagora type.

What impresses me most about that particular video is the steadicam operator (being as I'm studying cinematography). It was flawless every step of the way.

TSOTE said...

I'm an engineer and software programmer. I just like the thought that went into the machine and the way they pulled it off. Especially, I like the bit with the sliding TV and sledgehammer...

Actually, I think it went off a little too fast, so it's hard to keep track of each sequence in the machine, the parts that move and trigger the next sequence. I'd like to see it 4 times slower and in higher def.