Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yokohama, 150

Last summer, Yokohama celebrated it's 150th anniversary. There were parades and events and giant spiders and stuff, but not enough to attract the number of tourists that the mayor of Yokohama had promised, in part because the price of the tickets was too high. I wasn't interested in the hype so I avoided going for the most part.

However, there was some interest in seeing the big masted ships docked in the harbor, especially since they were supposed to unfurl the masts at specific times during the day.

So we made the 1 hour train trip in from Noborito and spent a while walking the city. I like Yokohama, mainly for the big park along the water, and the restaurants in Chinatown. Unfortunately, this time the ships didn't unfurl when they were supposed to, and I didn't get to Chinatown. Maybe next time.

In the park, a chalk painting commemorating the arrival of the American ships.

"Little Girl With Red Shoes On".

"Mister, that's a really unusual dog you're walking there."

The British embassador's old house on top of the hill overlooking the bay.

Nissan had their "Y150 Dream Dome" down along the docks.

Haunted house in the park.

Advertising for the Doll Museum next door to the park.

Sign for a restaurant along the road leading towards the British ambassador's house.

Other sights around the city:

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