Thursday, April 1, 2010

Asking for feedback

I'm going to try something new, and I'd like your feedback on it.

One of the biggest annoyances with creating a blog on blogspot is that the editor is lousy when it comes to handling links and including images. The only way to make a link open up a new window is to hand edit the html to add "target=_blank"". And, no matter what image size you select when you add a picture (small, medium or large), it selects the full size of the image (height as well as width). Since the blog width is only 400 pixels (at least, on my screen), I also have to hand edit the width of each image and delete the setting for height. On top of this, I can only upload 5 images to the blog at a time, and if they're coming from media fire, it takes forever for each one to be displayed during the upload process. This means that if I'm adding 10 or more photos at a time, I can waste 15 minutes just on the uploading and editing process per blog entry (ignoring the fact that I can't specify where in the blog I want the photos to upload to). I've finally gotten so tired of this that I've written a small script to automate the process.

Now, I know that people don't like media fire because of the hassles in downloading multiple images at a time. But, it's the one hosting site that doesn't have an upper limit on transfer bandwidth, total filespace used, or total number of photos loaded. What I want to do is get around part of the annoyance of using media fire, and now that I have my script, it's pretty easy to do. This is where I'm asking for the feedback.

I'm planning on using separate links for the displayed image, and what you get when you click on the picture. By using smaller pictures within the blog, the blog page will load faster. Then I can either launch the larger image in a new window (which results in the browser asking if you want to save or display), or I can go directly to the media fire album for that photo (which is faster, and you can decide if you want to download the image from there).

Which do you prefer?

Launching the larger image directly?

Or, launching the album page?

Telling me to not use media fire is not an option, unless the alternative service is free and doesn't have server space restrictions.

(Incidentally, the new script just shaved 5 minutes off the time it normally takes to write this entry. Now, I just need to write 60 more entries to break even on the 3 hours it took to write and edit the script...)

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Shiroibara said...

I vote for launching the album page because I don't want to download every image and don't want to have to specify that I want to open it on every time. Plus, launching the album means you don't have to click on every image on the page if you want to see them.