Friday, April 2, 2010

Burger King Specials

Well, I guess I have to be fair. McDonald's is not the only one trying to cash in on food fad flashes. Burger King is doing it too, but I normally don't go by them so I was unaware of it until just recently. They took their Whopper sandwich and added some other sauces to it for a "world experience". While the "American Flavor" (BBQ) ran from Feb. 1-18, the Malaysian (black pepper) was Feb. 19 to Mar. 4, Italian (spicy) aired until mid-March, and Japanese (teriyaki) is going on now. The website indicates that all but the Japanese are "sold out", but that seems to be case-by-case. The shop in Akihabara I visited still had the Malaysian.

Again, the real thing doesn't look much like the photo, but it wasn't as bad as the Micky's burgers. They do look sloppy, though. Some shredded lettuce, couple pieces of tomato, some onion, a couple small pickles, and a pair of buns that actually cover the gray-brown, lifeless patty. The black pepper sauce had a fair amount of black pepper in it, but it didn't have the robustness that fresh-cracked pepper does. At the same price as the Mac burgers ($4.50 USD or so), it was about the same value. But it really doesn't taste all that special. I guess that BK can lower the bar just as far as Ronald can.

Texas Burger, revisited:
McDonald's has finally wrapped up its American Burger campaign, with the California Burger going off the menu. But, for some reason, they brought the first one, the Texas, back. I ended up getting one for lunch, and they've changed the recipe on it. The bacon pieces are bigger and there's a lot more minced onion. The BBQ sauce is added in a big enough dollop that you can now taste it, and rather than being a sweet sauce, has a bit more spice to it (still not real BBQ sauce, though). However, the buns seem to be smaller to make the patty look bigger, and the bottom bun looked more like a plain piece of bread. There are three buns: the top one looking like a top bun normally does. The middle one is a slice of round bread toasted on both sides, and is what you'd expect from the middle piece of a three-piece set. The bottom bun, though, was the middle piece without the toasting. Very, very strange. No idea if this is the new standard or if it was just the result of a poorly trained assistant messing up, but I'm not going to spend another $5 to find out. Again, the current Texas burger looks nothing like the ad photo.

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