Thursday, April 15, 2010

Duck Chips

I've written about the "beckoning cat" several times, with its upraised paw asking customers to come buy something. At least a year ago, AFLAC paired up its duck mascot with the beckoning cat to create a beckoning duck costume. Here's another example of this team-up, found on the pillars in the Shinjuku train station.

Just for reference, the posters on the pillars were designed so it looked like you could see the duck from all 4 sides.

Back when One Piece's "Strong World" came out, there were a number of food product tie-ins, including a drink that I took pictures of but which are trapped on my old laptop. Here, we have Ozack's pressed baked potato snacks, nori (seaweed) flavor. It's not bad, but it still seems very greasy for being baked, and it's kind of like a Pringles rip-off (and I don't like Pringles).

Not only is there Tabasco-flavored rice crackers, but also caramelized corn puff chips. Again, there's a slight burn and they taste pretty good, but they really don't taste like tabasco sauce. I like the package artwork, though.

This next one is fairly neat, but I suspect it's just another way to get people to pay for air (since over 50% of the product is packaging and empty space). I got it at a discount for about $1.50 USD, thinking it was a box of chocolate truffles left over from Valentine's Day. I should have looked closer at the back of the box. Actually, there are 6 small bitter chocolate balls and three packets of choco powder. You pour one packet into a cup of hot milk, making yourself a nice cup of cocoa (note, the powder does NOT dissolve in cold milk). Stir, then add a chocolate ball and stir really well again. The chocolate balls dissolve easily in hot milk, but I kind of like letting them partially melt and eating them before they completely disappear. The idea is that you can add as many chocolate balls as you like to flavor your drink to taste. The result is what you'd get with Hershey's cocoa powder, but with a little more elegance.

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bartman905 said...

Haven't tried any of these yet .. such a wide variety, so I'll have to look out for them and try at least once.