Monday, April 19, 2010

Fuwamaru Cheese Chips

If I understand this right, the name of the ninja snack chips product from Tohato is "Fuwamaru". You can check out the other Fuwamaru flavors here. Now, to me, the more interesting thing about Fuwamaru (ignoring the nuclear cheese-flavored corn puffs) is that it was apparently turned into a PSP game in 2009. You can find the website promoting it here, with its own playing board. There's a tie-in game on the playing board that lets you try to go up 16 flights of stairs in a limited time, (I did eventually succeed in clearing it, but there's no special prize for it). However, there's also some downloadable wallpapers from the game, and some of the artwork (taken from ukiyo-e) is really cool. I've added a couple of the wallpapers to my Windows 7 desktop montage. I give the tie-in boardgame website 3 shurikens up.

Screen cap from the game.

One of the boss monsters.

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