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Garo #32

Apr., 1967, issue #32. 202 pages, cover by Sanpei Shirato. Things are a little back to normal. Kamui is "only" 131 pages this time.

カムイ伝 (Kamui-den) #28

Sanpei Shirato (白土三平), 132 pages. Henyasai teaches Kushiro how to fish properly, using logs tied to ropes for spearing and tiring out the sharks that keep stealing their catch. There's a flashback showing how Henyasai had been a regular samurai in the army, then rebelled when his wife and child were killed while he was away. He cut down his superior officer before turning ronin. Guntaro tries torturing Kiku into confessing that Shichibe was mistreating the fish processing plant workers. As she's being led back to her cell, she drops a crucifix, marking her for a death sentence (Christianity had been outlawed at the time). Guntaro tries to break Kiku by rounding up other believers and torturing them, but that fails. Eventually, Kiku is tied to a cross and is readied to be burned to death. Shichibe tries negotiating with the magistrate, but right now everything is in Guntaro's hands. Shichibe promises revenge if anything happens to the girl.

As the cross is lit, Kushiro rushes in to save her, backed by Red Eye and Henyasai. The three of them fight off the guards and escape, but Henyasai takes one too many arrows to the chest and dies. Kushiro, on the other hand, continues his run of bad luck, getting the rest of his left arm and all of his right leg cut off, plus taking a spear to the good leg. They get to the island, where Red Eye bandages Kushiro up. The magistrate arrives on the island and asks Kiku to disavow Christ. She's so concerned for Kushiro now that she does so. Satisfied, the magistrate prepares to leave when he sees Henyasai's body. He offers to give the man a funeral befitting a great samurai and Kushiru refuses, saying that he'll give a burial befitting a great man. The magistrate agrees to this and leaves.

Time passes and Kushiro and Kiku try to make a living on the island, but the conditions are harsh and Kiku turns ill. Red Eye offers to provide medicine, but the fisherman believes that his family remedies will be enough. Kiku's condition worsens and she dies. Kushiro can't accept this, and it takes 10 days, while he tries to protect her from insects and crabs, for him to pass out from a lack of food and water. When Red Eye visits the island again, he buries the body under a pile of rocks. Kushiro then takes his anguish out on a passing shark, overcome with an obvious death wish.

喜劇と悲劇 (Comedy and Tragedy) #25
Koshi Ueno (上野昂志). 2 page article.

日本忍法伝 (Japan Ninja Arts Legend) #18

(Subtitled: 国史炎上 (Blazing History, Part 14)). Mamoru Sasaki & Satsuko Okamoto (佐々木 守 & 岡本 颯子). 6 pages.

作品集 (Creation Collection) #10

A full 10 pages of gags by Katsumata Susumu (勝又進).

あがき (Struggle)

After reading Garo issue #40 (month 13, year 1968), Kuniko Tsurita (つりた くにこ) has a romantic dream of ninja life in a Kamui-like setting and wakes up disappointed by reality. She challenges the readers to join her in bringing back ninja style to the present day, but some of the other Garo writers try to stop her from shirking her duties. She goes out to fight crime, discovers that it's too much work, then returns home where her editor berates her for trying to reuse an earlier story ("Nonsense"). 10 pages. This is the first of three featured stories on Nihon-go Hunter this week.

不思議な球 (The Mysterious Ball)

Tashiro Tamehiro (田代為寛), who last appeared in issue #24 with "Space Event", is back with another text-less manga. This time, a large, strange black ball arrives and disgorges a stream of mice. Nearby villagers dislike the idea of mice showing up and call out for the forces to band together against the enemy. Many mice are killed, and the forces decide to destroy the ball. The mice roll the ball into the sea, where it starts dispensing fish. 8 pages. This is the second of the three featured stories on Nihon-go Hunter this week.

スリ (Pickpocket)

A university student is studying when a friend drops by and asks about his plans. The hero replies that Japan is getting too dangerous and he wants to learn English to travel abroad. He goes outside, where a group of thuggish women falsely accuse him of picking one of their pockets. He's arrested and sent to prison for "re-education". When he gets out, his plans change. He decides to become the country's greatest pickpocket. 7 pages.

Nothing coming up for Ikuo Yamamoto (山本いくお).

あしがる (Foot Soldier: subtitled "A Poor Man")

Yuu Takita 滝田ゆう, 11 pages. A lowly foot soldier has been selected to commit seppuku. His superior promises to pay three hundred gold coins to his family in return for doing this duty. Initially the soldier likes the idea of getting that much cash, but it doesn't help that he himself won't see it. Turns out that a group of higher-class samurai have heard about hari kiri and they want to see how it's done as a form of rehearsal. The soldier tries to beg his way out of it but to no avail. On the appointed day the other samurai arrive, he cuts himself open, and the others walk away saying, "yup, that's pretty much what I thought it'd be like, he didn't do it very well though". The soldier dies. This is the third featured story on Nihon-go Hunter this week.

錬金術 (Alchemy)

A father, mother and their son are busy trying to complete a spell that will turn a cat's skull into solid gold. This current attempt doesn't work either, so they go to a scientist (played by Nezumi Otoko) for suggestions. The new variant of the spell blows the up house and everyone gets their heads banged up. The boy goes to Nezumi Otoko to complain and ask if they'll ever get the spell right. The scientist replies, "I don't know. Your father is the one that came up with the idea, personally I don't have a clue". The boy then wanders away, wondering if he's wasted his entire life up until now. 12 pages by Shigeru Mizuki (水木しげる).

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