Monday, April 26, 2010


The same day the Gundam cafe opened up next to the Akihabara train station, another Gundam event was taking place in the Belle Salle building a couple of blocks away on Chuu-ou Dori. According to the wiki entry, the SD Gundam Capsule Online game has been out in South Korea since 2007, and only recently became licensed for Japan. There's a chance that the link to the Japan site won't work if you're not in Japan, so try going to the wiki and visit one of the other sites from there.

The event to promote the game consisted of a head-to-head tournament against various players. There didn't seem to be a line to get in to compete when I went by at 1 PM, and the majority of people there were out on the sidewalk taking pictures of the show, watching some of the competition on the big screen TV.

I'm not a big Gundam game fan, so I didn't mind not having time during my lunch break to try getting in to play. But, I did like the big robot head out front. Thing's got to be at least 12 tall. Love to have that in my bedroom as a nightlight. Or, maybe even turn that *into* my bedroom...

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