Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lupin and Roots

Roots is a fairly well-known brand of coffee here in Japan, although it's not one of the better ones in my opinion. It has the advantage of coming in a slightly bigger can, but for a few yen more than the other can coffees. Normally, convenience stores sell small cans for 120 yen ($1.30 USD). For the current Lupin DVD campaign, you can get a small plastic Lupin figure when you buy one can of Roots Black for 137 yen.

Along with the figure is a small pamphlet showing off all 10 figures in the set, plus a code number that you can enter on the Roots website. They're giving away 500 special edition figures, although if your number doesn't win you can still request the free wallpapers. There's six wallpaper files, and you can only get one per code. I decided to get all 6, since I like drinking coffee at work, and the store in my building is carrying these cans.

The figures don't look as great as some other promo items have in the past, and I think a lot of it has to do with the changing character designs. I don't care much for the current designs, especially for Fujiko. In any case, you may be thinking that some of the characters are carrying hand grenades here. Actually, it's cans of Roots Black (half the figures have their regular weapons, and the other half don't).

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