Friday, April 16, 2010

Lupin Roots Wallpapers

Well, as I wrote a couple of days ago, there are six wallpapers in the Lupin-Roots tie-up, and each one is downloadable from the Roots site if you have enough ID numbers from purchasing cans of Roots coffee. Because I wanted to have something to drink at work, I talked myself into getting all six papers. Rather than run the risk of violating some copyright rule by uploading the individual files to a hosting site, I'm making a montage version for "review purposes" here. For more details, drop me an e-mail.


Bunny said...

Have you tried reading the manga, it's quite different from the anime. Much more risque.

TSOTE said...

Oh yeah. Back when I first came here, and was looking all over the place for old manga, I hit every used shop I could find. A couple places had the big 400+ page collections of the first Lupin manga, and you're right - very different from the anime. But, the more recent manga isn't interesting to me. I don't like the change in character designs.