Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Misc. Stamps

As I've written before, stamps are big in Japan. Below are some of the other stamps I've collected along the way.

Ange is a flower garden just out of Chofu, next to the Tamagawa river and the cycling race track.

This one was at a Shonen Jump/Nakayoshi magazine promo in Akihabara, and was part of an anket (survey form) for the magazine.

Norakuro, from the Norakuro museum in Tokyo.

The Saitama Manga Museum, in Saitama, just north of Tokyo. Note that often the ink pads will be dried out, so it's hard to get a good imprint.

Ikebukuro Worker's Hall is a couple blocks west of the Ikebukuro JR station, and was the host of the "Heroes of Tokiwa Sou" exhibit last fall. The bottom stamp was part of the "Heroes" stamp rally, which I didn't realize until after I found a blank copy of the rally sheet.

The Yayoi-Yumeji Museum has hosted a number of shojo manga-related exhibits in the past, including the "Shojo no Tomo" special.

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