Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More anime in advertising

Billy Bat 3
Well, the new release of the Billy Bat manga didn't get the big play that volume 2 did. These are just the posters along the wall of a small book stall in Shinjuku station.

Chaos Poster
Akihabara station has these flat panel monitors on the pillars on the main floor, advertising the local stores (such as Melon Books below) and various anime or TCGs.

Converse Ad
This ad was at the station along the Sobu line a little ways east of Shinjuku. I don't recognize the manga the characters are from.

Melon Books
Bookstore in Akihabara.

This was a big wall poster inside Akihabara station. Unfortunately, with the way the ceiling lights are mounted, there's no way to get a good photo without the glare getting in the way somewhere.

Ad at the same platform as the Converse one above, promoting a baseball anime based on a manga running in Afternoon magazine.

Pokemon Bento Ad
Ad in Shinjuku station, across the platform entrance from the above-mentioned book stall.

Rohan au Louvre
Another ad for manga from the creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, next to the Shinjuku book stall. Again, can't get away from the glare of the ceiling lights.

Boyfriend is a Gaijin
This is an ad for train safety when bringing baby strollers aboard, using the characters from "Boyfriend is a Gaijin" (Currently, I think he's been upgraded to "Husband is a Gaijin".)


Bunny said...

It's long been husband. The books are funny enough. The husband is/was a GOL customer back in the good old pre-exodus-farce days.

He really does look like that ^^;

TSOTE said...

I think I mentioned the new movie based on the older manga, "Darling wa Gaikokujin".

Thanks for the correction.