Friday, April 23, 2010

More fun with Roots Lupin

Back a while ago, I used some of my remaining airlines miles to buy a Canon HF100 HD digital recorder. It's a cute little toy, very compact, and it saves video and images to an SD card, meaning that there's no need for tapes. But there were two problems and one major issue. First, Japan is very touchy about the use of video cameras in public, so security people will descend on you at events like Comiket (although using a cell phone camera seems to be no problem, so go figure). In any case, there aren't that many things I've been able to, and want to record. Second, the auto white balance causes the shot to wash out badly with bright lighting or if the flash is too close to the subject. I'm starting to play with the other settings to compensate for this, but I haven't wanted to spend the time on messing with it since I've got so much other stuff I'm working on as well. And third, my old laptop had lots of problems working with the video editing software I had, and couldn't read the 16 gig memory card unless it was through the USB cable connected to the camera itself; meaning that even if I did take video I wasn't able to do much with it on the old setup.

But now, with my new desktop PC, I can plug the SD card into the reader and bypass the camera menus. And, the editing software works. So I decided to try taking a couple still shots of my latest Lupin-Roots figure to see what I can do about the white balance issue. Fortunately, the camera has a x12 zoom, so I can get slightly better shots than with the old digicam, but it still has the washout problem when the flash is too close to the subject and moving the camera farther back results in autofocusing problems when the subject is too small. And without the flash, the tinting from the ceiling lights makes the shot yellow-greenish. So there's still a major learning curve for this recorder.

As for Lupin... I wrote before that there are 10 figures in the set, plus one limited edition figure winnable from the website. Actually, not quite true. Seems that there are 12 regular figures. The 10 normal ones are one each of Fujiko, Lupin, Goemon, Jigen and Zenigata with their normal weapons, and then also with each one holding a can of Roots. The variations are that Fujiko can have a dress or a black skin-tight suit, and Lupin is in his season 1 green jacket or season 2 red jacket (no season 3 pink jacket). Well, while looking for the green jacket Lupin for taking the practice shots with the camera, I came across the rarer black jacket Lupin, also holding a Roots can (there's also one more figure for Fujiko). So I decided to get this one instead.

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