Saturday, May 1, 2010

Architecture around Tokyo

Shortly after translating the one chapter from Tori Miki's Frozen Food Agent, which has a reference at the end to the Belle Époque, I happened across the Bell Epoch building in Setagaya, not too far from the Tamagawa river.

A couple of times, I've taken my bike north from Noborito up the 1 hour ride to the Suginami Animation Museum. Along the way, there's the Memo Reed building. I've usually broken into a major sweat when I get to this point and haven't had interest in going inside to see what it is. Wonder what you could build if you put a few more buildings like this side by side and set up a second level...

Kamiigusa is a small area around the Kamiigua station, west of Shinjuku, not that far from the Suginami Animation Museum. It's home to one of the Sunrise anime offices, and has a heavy Gundam vibe to it. However, it's not all about just Gundam. A couple of blocks from the station is a ramen shop. In the lower right corner, the sticker says "Kamiigusa, anime town".

Down the street a block from the Kamiigusa station heading the other direction from the ramen shop is this art piece. It's above a convenience store, and there's no pub in the immediate area that would justify its presence. Still, it looks cool.

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