Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game Festa

On the weekend of May 8 and 9, there was a "game festa" held in the front display space of the Belle Salle building on Chuu-ou Dori in Akihabara. The event consisted of lots of consoles running various games that people could play if they wanted to. For the most part, there weren't that many people actively wandering around the aisles. (There was a related event in the basement of the building, but it seemed to be open to people with reservation postcards only). At least part of the festa was sponsored by Web Money, an online payment system similar to Paypal. There were little giveaways worth 5000 yen ($50 USD) in online cash for playing the games, and a larger drawing that required filling out a questionnaire to enter. I didn't bother.

There were two people out front in costume to attract passersby. The guy looked really put out, but the woman was more than willing to pose for photos.

Check out the complete album here.


Bunny said...

That's a high priest from ragnarok online. She gave me a 1day free pass thing. ^^!

TSOTE said...

Cool. Did you use it?