Friday, May 14, 2010

Hachette 3D Puzzle 120

Ok, three days running, I've been going to the bookstore to see if the Gakken kit is out yet. On this day (May 12 as I write this), had tentatively marked that the kit was finally going to be out. But, the Gakken site still says "some time in May". I was hoping that Amazon knew something that Gakken didn't, so I went to both Kinokuniya and Shosen on my way to work. Neither place had the Gakken kit, and I was fairly surprised to find that that Kinokuniya doesn't carry the Hachette 3D puzzles either (they've got just about everything else Hachette produces including the full set of CSI TV series DVD mooks. Go figure).

Instead, I continued on to Shosen in Akihabara and picked up vol. 120. The puzzle this time consists of 13 disks and a bunch of little pegs all the same length. The challenge is to reassemble the stack to stand flat, without leaving any of the pegs unused. I made sure to mix up the disks pretty thoroughly, but I still managed to reassemble the puzzle within about 10 minutes. I tried it a second time and again finished it in under 10 minutes. There's at least two different solutions, so if you understand the strategy involved it becomes pretty easy.

The mook follows the same pattern as the other two. The featured classic game is Sueca, and the Japanese featured game is HaHa (short for Hachi Hachi (or, 8-8)). The logic and number puzzles are similar variants on the previous books, including kanji matching games and a sudoku puzzle using the 9 katakana letters that spell out "puzzle collection".


The memory test painting is Francois Boucher's 1756 "Madame de Pompadour".

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