Monday, May 3, 2010

Museum Showing Schedules

Things were a little dry on the art scene in terms of anime and manga-related exhibits, but that looks to be turning around now. There's a number of promising exhibits on the calendars of the Tokyo galleries and museums that I keep track of (there's well over 100 museums and galleries in Tokyo, and most don't have anime or manga exhibits at the best of times, so I only track those that did have something interesting before) for the rest of this calendar year.

Note that places like SAM, TAC and GoFA change up their events every month or so, and don't decide what to show next until a couple of days in advance. But they usually have something going on, so if you're planning on being in Japan and visiting one of these places a few months from now, it's a safe bet that something anime or manga related will be running then. (On the other hand, GoFA is a commercial art promoter and they close for a few weeks between promotion events, so check their schedule to make sure something is running to avoid disappointment.)

Suginami Animation Museum
Meitantei Conan
03/22/09 - 05/26/10

Tokyo Anime Center
Bungaku Shojo (Literature Girl)
5/01/10 - 5/23/10

Kawasaki City Museum
Yuichi Yokoyama
4/24/10 - 6/20/10
(Yuichi is making a name for himself as an avante garde manga artist.)

Hachioji Yumebi
06/04/10 - 07/04/10
OSHII Mamoru and Magicians of Picture Creation
07/16/10 - 09/05/10
The World of MIZUKI Shigeru
11/26/10 - 01/23/11
(Macoto pretty much defined the present-day look of shojo manga, back in the 1950's. The Yumebi's focus on Oshii seems to be on his latest movie "Skycrawlers". And if you follow my postings on Garo magazine, you should be familiar with Shigeru by now.)

Yayoi-Yumeji Museum
Kaoru Kurimoto / Azusa Nakajima (Guin Saga)
07/02/10 - 09/26/10
(Kaoru wrote about 126 volumes in the Guin Saga series, which are currently being converted into manga and TV anime, some of which is making its way to the U.S. She also wrote criticism under the pen name Nakajima.)

Ranja Murata
4/29/10 - 5/23/09
(Murata recently had a showing at the Tokyo Anime Center, back in November.)

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