Sunday, May 23, 2010

Train Banner Ads

The trains are filled with ads for alcohol, magazines, can coffee, diet biscuits, and other stuff. Occasionally, the ads are for manga, or use manga characters for the brand recognition.

Golgo 13 for Forex, a trading company. He can help you finalize your "targets".

Latest Naruto volume.

The "Peace Museum" in Tokyo attempts to recreate the conditions that people lived in during WW II, civilians as well as soldiers. The advertising artwork here is by Shigeru Mizuki ("Gegege no Kitaro"), although none of his works appears in the museum itself.

Tower Records and Suntory teamed up for this one. I've heard of "no music, no life" before. I'm not sure how well the modded slogan works in this case, though.

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bartman905 said...

Tokyo subway banner ads are always interesting - I'm tall so I can't miss them :-)

Also, there is an iPhone app which downloaded these banner ads to your iPhone if you really don't want to miss them.