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300 Years of Manga, Part 2

300 Years of Manga, Continued.

職業漫画家の発場: 大正時代
Birth of Professional Cartoonists: Taisho Era

("Shou-tarou's Adventures". Very "Tintin-esque".)

More magazine covers, this time for "Manga", "Tokyo Puck" and "Tobae" magazines. Ippei Okamoto (father of artist Taro Okamoto, and contemporary of Rakuten Kitazawa) makes his appearance here.

(1) 東京漫画会の結成
(1) Formation of the Tokyo Manga Society

Largely, this section is just a collection of more political cartoons with some gag strips at the end, from the members of the Tokyo Manga Club, including one page from Kitazawa. You can see more of their works here.

(2) 子供馬鍬の発場
(2) Birth of Children's Manga

As the title says, this section shows some of the early gag strips aimed at children. It's a short section, only 4 pages long, about a third of which come from Ippei Okamoto. Ippei was one of the first artists to try to create a children's journal, in 1916.

(3) 漫画にみる大正風俗と大震災
(3) Taisho Era Customs and The Great Earthquake Seen Through Manga

Panels from several artists, including Ippei, showing normal behavior in the cities from 1912 to 1926. Followed by some crude drawings of the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

子供漫画とナンセンス漫画: 昭和戦前
Children's Manga and Nonsense Manga: Showa Ear Pre-War

(Speed-tarou, 1931-5, well before Tezuka showed up.)

Covers from Tokyo Puck, and example panels of an early children's action strip called "Speed-tarou" (started right around 1930-31). Other works include "Norakuro" and Ryuichi Yokoyama's "Susume Fuku-chan".

(1) 第四次『東京パック』と『読売サンデー漫画』
(1) Fourth Stage: "Tokyo Puck" and "Yomiuri Sunday Manga"

Covers from Tokyo Puck and several sister magazines, plus a couple newspaper editorial cartoons.

(2) ナンセンス漫画の発場
(2) Birth of Nonsense Manga

A short section of yon-kome (4 panel strips), mainly from around 1933.

(3) 子供漫画の発場
(3) Birth of Children's Manga

Norakuro, and a number of other strips from the early- to mid-1930's.

(4) 戦争の時代
(4) During the Great War

(Roosevelt wasn't received well by (the few) Japanese artists working at the time.)

Propaganda manga from WWII, mostly very low quality, promoting the Japanese war effort. One page by Kitazawa.

戦後からへ (1) - ストーリー馬鍬隆盛
From the War to Now: (1) Growth of Story Manga

It would have been better to call this "The Tezuka" chapter. Lots of examples of his various titles, including "Jungle Taitei", "Tuberculosis", "Metropolis" and "Tetsuwan Atomu". However, there are other titles, including "Tetsujin 28-go" and works from Shigeru Sugiura.


(2) 諷刺漫画の推移
(2) Satire Manga in Transition

(Honobono Shinshi. "Shinshi" is parent and child", while "honobono" can mean either "heartwarming story", or "dimly, faintly". So, either "heartwarming family tales" or "faintly heartwarming". Take your pick. In the above strip, the father asks his daughter if his son is in the igloo with her, and she says "no". The strip is read from top to bottom, right to left.)

Not a whole lot that stands out here. Basically, a progression from political satire to social commentary.

(3) 現在漫画への道のり
(3) The Progression of Modern Manga

And here, the book ends up with the "Tsuge Yoshiharu and Garo" chapter. While there are covers from COM, Margaret and Shojo Friend magazines, and some art from Chiba Tetsuya, Yuu Takita and Shigeru Mizugi, the majority of the emphasis is on the impact Garo had on modern manga for adults, with a full 6 pages of work from Tsuge.


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