Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Remember I mentioned cat cafes? Here's the entrance to Nekotcha (Cat Tea), a cat cafe in Yokohama, on the third floor above the Lawson's convenience store, and the Honey Honey maid cafe. Now, if they'd only have a cat maid cafe...

(Actually, there was a cat maid cafe (Maid with Cat) in Akihabara, but they closed their doors last year. - -; )

Neko Cha


Found this little display in the front garden of someone's house between Ultra Town and Seijogakuenmae.

Animal lantern


Now, here's an interesting thing. This is a close-up shot of the underside of a bridge just south of Yokohama train station. I've seen shock absorbers for bridges, but never chains. Apparently, Yokohama has some wicked nasty winds, and needs special precautions to keep the bridges from blowing away.

bridge chains


One morning, I was stepping out of the apartment to go cycling along the Tamagawa, and I looked out across the river to Shinjuku, like I usually do to check the weather and air quality, when I saw this.

If you've ever wondered where Godzilla hangs out during the day between parties, now you know.

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