Friday, June 11, 2010

Glico Zoo

Glico is one of the bigger names in snack foods and candies in Japan. They've got a little honor system program that operates in businesses called "office Glico". The idea being to stock a small dispenser box or refrigerator with chips and cookies, or ice cream, and let you make your own selections while depositing 100 yen per item into a lock box. The system works pretty well and the Glico rep counts every single yen and item in the dispenser to make sure that no one's cheating the system.

The only real drawback to office Glico is that the rep doesn't pay attention to purchasing patterns. If something sells out quickly, rather than stocking more of it next time, they simply stock whatever they have more of in the carrying cases they brought into the office with them. A lot like what you see happening in vending machines in the U.S.

Here, what we have is a relatively new product called "Chikyuu no Nakama" (Earth's Friends), again, for 100 yen ($1.10 USD). The package comes in two parts. One box contains five small individually-wrapped caramel hearts. The other has a sheet of folded card stock, which lets you build one or two animals, with or without a background set piece, plus the information card. The animals are fairly popular with some of the women in the office because they look cute. Thing is, I'm the only one buying them, and the Glico rep hasn't restocked them since. The stuff that is being put in the dispenser box isn't selling, so it's not like someone else is buying up the "Nakama" before I can get to them.

Not that I'm planning on getting any more of them, though. There seems to be 8 or so animals to the set, but there's no way to know in advance what you're going to get, and they're not highlighted on the Glico website. I just like having stuff to build, which is why I got these two in the first place.


Bunny said...

try the yamaha papercraft site.


TSOTE said...

Yeah, this is really cool! I don't understand why a motorcycle company would promote kirigami, but there's some really nice designs there, and they're free! I like the kotatsu neko and the tortoise.