Friday, June 25, 2010

Green and yellow Kitkats

Time to return to that weird and wonderful world populated with our dear, dear friends - Smeer and lava-face - and their dog, Lookoutboy!

When we last saw them, Smeer had been strolling through the Japanese food aisles, closing in on the bag candy section, when lava-face noticed that their dog was soundly asleep in the middle of the freeway again.

Kitkat recently had green tea bars on the market in Tokyo. It's a fairly large bar, but at something like 147 yen, it's more than I want to pay for a Kitkat (I only buy these things to write about them here). The green tea (matcha) aroma is really strong, but the taste is much more subdued. The "chocolate" is a bit soft and waxy-like, unlike the texture of real chocolate. On the other hand, I've noticed the same effect with other commercial chocolate bars, so it's not a flaw present in just this one bar.

A couple of days later, I found the banana Kitkat single bars at Jason's, discounted to 58 yen. Much more reasonable, and I got two (one to eat on the way home and one for the photo). The banana flavor is pretty strong, but it's the standard candy banana, and not really close to the real thing. Still, if you like banana candies, this is pretty good. The "chocolate" is more like regular milk chocolate without having that waxy sensation of the green tea bar. Recommended, if you like Kitkat, and you can get it for under 60 yen.

Jason's also had these sugar-coated peanuts on sale for one or two days for about 100 yen each. When I went back again they were gone. Japan does not do "normal" flavors. "Milk" is a popular flavor, as is green tea. Here, we have coffee and brown sugar (in Japanese, it's known as "black sugar"). The coffee flavor was along the lines of a sweetened cafe au lait, but with an unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

The brown sugar peanuts were really good, and were almost exactly what you'd expect from sugar-coated peanuts in the U.S. Of the four items here, I'd buy the brown sugar peanuts again. Very crunchy.

Lookoutboy! dinner...


bartman905 said...

I haven't seen these in my local konbini - maybe I haven't been paying close attention lately as there has not been a new KitKat flavor for quite awhile now.

TSOTE said...

I'm pretty sure I got the matcha bar at a conbi, but I forget which one. A co-worker says that this flavor had come out last year, too, but I don't know about that. The banana bar came from Jason's, which buys up leftover products from other stores and resells them after their promotional period is over. So, you won't see the banana in other stores right now.