Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kawasaki Museum

I like the Kawasaki Museum. It's within 30 minutes of me, so I'll occasionally make it part of my route when I go out exercising on my bike, but I've only actually been inside twice. First was when I went to the Shonen Sunday/Shonen Magazine DNA exhibit in May, 2009, and the second time was with the Yuichi Yokoyama exhibit this May. The museum has two main special exhibit areas (which cost money to enter), and three smaller rotating exhibit spaces off the main lobby entrance that are free to the public. There's a library on the second floor, two theater spaces, a large souvenir shop and a cafe restaurant. The main lobby entrance space has an open area around the door and tiered seating leading up to the rotating exhibit rooms, which looks like it could be used to give presentations to school children, but it's been empty when I've visited.

There's a permanent exhibit next to the goods shop showing "chair refusing to seat anyone", by Taro Okamoto. Not all of them look vicious or unsettling.

This thing is new, and is set at the top of the tiered seating space in front of the local Japanese history exhibit.

And here we have a rare example of a kappa, one of the best-preserved specimens caught in the wild in western Japan.

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