Saturday, June 19, 2010

Noburo Ofuji: Pioneer of Japanese Animation

Every so often I run into one of the head honcho's of the Tokyo Anime Center during one of my runs over there during my lunch break on the weekends. I've got 20 minutes before I have to get back to the office, which doesn't give me a lot of time for talking. But, I do sometimes pick up info this way that I would have missed otherwise. At the table that carries fliers for some of the other anime/manga museums around Japan, he picked up an advertisement for the National Film Center (located in the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art) and emphasized that the upcoming show promoting the works of anime pioneer Noburo Ofuji is something really worth going to see.

Entitled "Noburo Ofuji: Pioneer of Japanese Animation", it will run from June 29 to Sept. 9. Check out the online schedule to see if there's something in particular you want to watch in advance. There will be periodic guest speakers making appearances as well.


Mr Alchemy said...

This looks like one of those things that make me wish a) I could speak Japanese b) That I lived in Japan.
I'm looking forward to your write up of the exhibition, which I'm sure You're going to do.
You're so lucky to have all these opportunities. Did you hand a business card to the TAC curator that you met, so that he may visit your blogs? I'm sure it would lead to lots of exclusive information in the future if someone there saw just how devoted you are to sharing your passion with the world.

TSOTE said...

Not sure if I'll go yet or not. The event's going to run long enough that I'll have at least one chance for it, but the theater is on the far side of Tokyo, and not all that easy for me to get to. Maybe a 90 minute commute by train and foot each way. We'll see.

I did give him my URL, so he knows about this blog, and he did send me an e-mail a while back alerting me about the Geroro Gunso postage stamp special from the post office, but otherwise he's not in touch with me, unless we're both at the TAC at the same time.