Thursday, June 17, 2010

TAC - Hanamaru

Each one of the Tokyo Anime Center exhibits stays up for only about 2-4 weeks at a stretch, so I end up having to blog about them fairly often. And it's again time to do so. Today, it's for the Hanamaru DVD release. Exhibit runs until July 11.

I went in on Monday, and found that the TAC was already closed at 6:30, half an hour early, in order to do the set up. First time I've seen them putting up an exhibit. Looks kind of messy.

They do have the projector wall set up so you can have your photo taken with a Hanamaru picture in the background, but when I went in the TAC was holding another of their live anime voice actor radio show recordings. All of the tables had been moved out of the way and were blocking the projector wall, so I didn't bother trying to take a shot of it.


Mr Alchemy said...

Can't say that I'm familiar with Hanamaru, But the Tokyo Anime Centre does seem like an essential destination for any fan of animation, kind of like the Mecca at the end of a Hajj pilgrimage (or would that be the Ghibli museum?).

(Yes, I have returned. I started a new job a couple of months ago and haven't devoted much time to the internet. But now I have lots of free time, and I must say; I'm literally wetting myself with excitement about all your Garo updates!)

TSOTE said...

Welcome back, Mr. A. Have fun with the Garo updates.

I haven't been in the Ghibli museum yet, partly because of the price, and having to buy the tickets from a convenience store rather than at the museum (I was in the huge park near the museum once, and discovered that the museum was at the opposite end, but 3000 yen ($33 USD) for what would have been a one hour visit because it was so close to closing time, and not being able to get the tickets right then, put me off it.)

The TAC's a good starting point. It's small, so the open exhibit space is fairly limiting, but you can watch trailers on the projector screen and there's a fairly extensive gift shop on the other side of the room. The real advantage of going there is that the information desk can help you plan the rest of your visit, and the brochure table has fliers for all of the major museums and anime galleries in Japan. It's a good place to start your trip from.