Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Takako Tate

A few weeks ago I went to a maid cafe in Akihabara (Cirque de la Lune) for a light dinner before work. I was listening to the music playing in the background, which had a strange, kind of disturbing element to it. I asked what it was and the maid brought out the CD - Takako Tate's "Ikimono-tachi" (VAP, 2007).

Turns out that I'd just seen Tate on TV recently, and she'd delivered an amazing performance. Ikimono-tachi isn't available on youtube, but you can get a feel for her songs with "houseki", which I also like. Support her - buy her CDs from jpopasia or whatever importer you prefer.

Also, when I was trying to find links for importers specifically selling Ikimono-tachi, I ended up going to the VAP music page, where they had Tate displayed as their featured artist. She's currently in the middle of promoting her new "Harkitek or ta ayoro", which was released on April 21.

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