Friday, July 9, 2010

Cat - fish

Akihabara has a lot of little alleys and short cross streets, and this makes it hard to find specific shops if the map you're working from isn't very detailed. There was this one coffee shop I wanted to check out, to verify whether it fell into the maid cafe category. It didn't, but every time I tried visiting it, it was closed, so I went back on several different days at different hours to see if it ever did open. And I kept having to wander through the alleys because I kept losing the cafe. At one point, I went by one little shop that generally had plants out front, and this time it also had the pictured arrangement. I called it "Cat - fish".

The top shot shows the fish better, but the bottom one has more of the cat's eye visible. The fish later died on their own from "stress due to unknown causes".

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