Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fussa sake brewery

I wasn't been able to go bike riding much this past winter (yes, this is an old post), largely because of the poor weather. Generally, it was either been too chilly for the ride to be any fun, or it was raining. When the weather had been good, it was usually on the weekends when I worked all day. But, back last fall, I'd decided to try to get out to Fussa, which is about an hour and a half north of Noborito in the direction of Oome, at the point where the bike trail along the Tamagawa ends in the big weir. The intent was to track down the Shojo Manga Library in the area, but since the library is only open on Saturdays (when I work) and closed from about October to May, even if I'd found it I wouldn't have been able to go inside.

Instead, I just wanted to see what the area around the Fussa train station looked like (crowded, lots of buildings and too much traffic) and find out how far it is from the river (about 2 km). On the way back to the river, I noticed a sign advertising a sake brewery a couple of blocks farther north, on a bluff overlooking the river. The brewery had a small office (none of the people inside paid me any attention) and across the parking lot was a gift shop that was locked up tight. I'm assuming that tours are by invitation only and only for groups of 20 or more. The gift shop may not be open during the week.

Right across the little street in front of the brewery is a big parking lot that serves both the brewery and the shrine next door.

Not a big shrine, but it has a nice view overlooking the river.


Bunny said...

I think that sake brewery is this one: http://www.seishu-kasen.com/kura/index.html

It belongs to a friend of the family.
I should take the kids round to see her sons. ^^!

TSOTE said...

Bunny - Sure looks like it. Right location on the map and everything. If you go, be sure to get me a free sample bottle... ;-)