Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hachette 3D Puzzle 124

Looks like the Hachette 3D puzzle collection has wound down to its end. The advertisement for volume #125 stated that it would include the solutions for both #124 and #125 in the accompanying book. Plus, the website has been showing the pictures of the puzzles all the way up to #125 for some time now. So, I'm assuming that the series was never intended to run indefinitely. Which is ok, since about 2/3's of the puzzles are the kinds of brain teasers that I don't care for, which includes that for #125. But, I definitely wanted #124.

I'd written that #122 was the hardest of the 4 kits I'd bought up to that time. But, that was nothing compared to the "wooden rail cube" from #124. Even with the book cover photo in front of me to work from as a hint, it took over an hour to reassemble. And, even when I had the right pieces next to each other, the puzzle acted like the solution was wrong. I'm afraid to take it apart again because I may never get it back together afterward.

The mook has 2 pages describing the rail cube puzzle. The first featured games are variations on Chinese dice games. The second feature shows a version of a Chinese gambling game using dominoes, kind of similar to mahjong. The last 4 pages show the solution for kit #123 (a brain teaser where the 5 pieces of a square can be reformed to make a second square using 6 pieces). The two pages of logic puzzles have the standard mix of kanji brain teasers, a 5x5 sudoku puzzle where certain groups of numbers need to add up to specific totals, the 5x5x5 elimination puzzle (of the "Keiko bought the sweater, and Reiko bought something blue" type). Plus 2 simple math puzzles.

The memory test painting is Diego Velazquez's "Las Meninas" (1656).

Again, the mook's great if you're interested in learning about new games from around the world, but it would better if the articles included links to websites for where to buy the games from (rather than my having to hunt for them). As for the rest of the puzzles and brain teasers in the book, not so much. I only did 2 of the 10 or so puzzles this time.

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