Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hachioji is a big, sprawling area about 25 miles west of Shinjuku. There's kind of an open, undeveloped area in the middle between them, if you consider space that's not 100% covered in apartment buildings and convenience stores to be "undeveloped". When I do one of my longer rides, from Noborito, out along the Tamagawa River, then west along the Asagawa River to Takao, which is maybe 35 kilometers and 1.5 hours away, I generally pass Hachioji at the 1 hour mark. Even when I take the train out, Hachioji is nothing more than a transfer point from the line running through Tachikawa, to get to Takao. The only time I've actually been in Hachioji itself was when I visited the Yumebi gallery for the 30th anniversary exhibit of Gundam mecha, last year.

I haven't had time to ride much lately, and I wanted to hit the Macoto exhibit before it ended, so I took the trains out. The ride was 45 minutes one way, and cost 450 yen from Noborito ($5.00 USD). It was pretty easy, finding the museum again on foot, but on the way back I got lost in the warren of shops and spent half an hour wandering around trying to figure out where I made a wrong turn for the station. In this blog entry, I've got some of the sights I encountered along the way.

(Got banana fish?)

(Steel birds; AKA: Tetsu Tori, Sono Tori)

(I'm betting that cigarette is plastic.)

(The Seven Chinese gods of luck want you to eat donuts...)

(Actually, this is for a fugu restaurant. Feeling "lucky"? Punk?)

(Betty still has her boop-boop-boop bo-boop.)

(Here we have a 2-fer shot. Along with the aerial image of Japan's famous street cables, we have an Animate store. You can buy manga, DVDs and t-shirts, just a couple of blocks from Hachioji station's north exit.)

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